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The Good Wife fue aclamada durante su emisión y considerada por varios críticos como el “último gran drama de la televisión”[5][6][7]. Las actuaciones del elenco de la serie han sido especialmente reconocidas, con Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, Christine Baranski y Josh Charles, cada uno de los cuales ha recibido un amplio reconocimiento[8] La serie también fue alabada por su visión de las redes sociales e Internet en la sociedad, la política y la ley. Recibió el reconocimiento por producir temporadas completas de 22 episodios, mientras que otros dramas igualmente aclamados suelen producir solo de 6 a 13 episodios por temporada. La CBS anunció el 7 de febrero de 2016 que la serie terminaba con su séptima temporada. El último episodio se emitió el 8 de mayo de 2016.[9][10] En febrero de 2017 se estrenó un spinoff titulado The Good Fight, centrado en el personaje de Baranski, Diane Lockhart, y en el de Cush Jumbo, Lucca Quinn, también protagonizado por Rose Leslie y Delroy Lindo.

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Alicia is preparing to leave the Lockhart/Gardner law firm to join the new project of an old acquaintance of the lawyer. Paradoxically, it’s Gary, the former enemy …
Alicia has won her first battle in her return to the courtroom. The former Attorney General of the State of Cook County in Chicago, Peter Florrick, has lost his trial and must face the death penalty …
The court battle continues for Alicia Florrick. Her rival, Cary, is ready to bring her down at any cost, something that puts a strain on Alicia. At the law firm, the lawyer focuses her …

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Dee Johnson (9 episodes, 2009) Michelle King (9 episodes, 2009) Robert King (9 episodes, 2009) Ridley Scott (9 episodes, 2009) Tony Scott (9 episodes, 2009) David W. Zucker (9 episodes, 2009) Brooke Kennedy (8 episodes, 2009) Todd Ellis Kessler (8 episodes, 2009)Producer(s)
The court battle continues for Alicia Florrick. Her rival, Cary, is ready to bring her down at any cost, however, Alicia will hold her own. At the firm, the attorney focuses her efforts on deepening relationships, whether it be with Diane, her boss, or Kalinda, her best friend.
Alicia has stepped up. The time of being weak is over. With more strength in her relationships and a greater intensity in the courtroom, Alicia experiences an unusual change in her personality, a change that the lawyer approves of.
Although Alicia and Will come to terms with their romantic relationship, both must face the consequences. Cary is still determined to bring Alicia down, and he will have an ally who is just as eager to see Alicia fall as Alicia’s enemy. He is Peter.

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A slap in the face kicked off the pilot of ‘The Good Wife’, and a slap in the face brings the series to a close. Robert and Michelle King have explained that they wanted to have that circular structure in the series finale because it represents the life journey, the education of Alicia Florrick over seven seasons; she goes from being the wronged to the wronged.
The final scene of the episode, with Peter again holding a press conference to resign from his positions and Alicia, again, standing by his side, is a great closure for ‘The Good Wife’, and elevates an episode that, in reality, follows the same sense of inertia, of autopilot, that has hovered over the series since the start of the seventh season. Or since its winter hiatus, rather, because Alicia’s umpteenth reinvention, working on her own, brought a refreshing touch at first.
Jason Crouse may have been a little less interesting than he initially seemed (one American reviewer said that Jason and Lucca seemed to be Kalinda split into two different characters), but Alicia’s almost adolescent obsession with him shows another step in her evolution. She begins to care only about her needs, to be much tougher and more cynical because that’s what it takes to survive, and succeed, in the world in which she moves, but that ends up turning, in part, against her.