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They are not attentive to intolerances. Se les…you properly warn them of, for example, “I can not take peppers”, and in the garnish of the dish you get peppers (surely they said in kitchen vegetable garnish only).
JotaEle12341 reviewWrote a review on December 27, 2019 Unpleasant treatment. I do not return even for free.The person in charge of receiving customers to assign them a table is very surly and shows a haughty attitude. He speaks in an unpleasant tone, as if he is doing you a favor for serving you.

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A vegan Chinese restaurant? and a buffet? and right in the center of Madrid? Maybe we should not reveal this secret, but then this report could not be called ‘The best vegans in Madrid’. Eat as much as you want until you burst with the best oriental food with respect for animals is the philosophy of Shi Shang, where the rolls have no meat, the rice three delights neither, the makis contain no fish and the sweet and sour pork is not pork. It is a very good option for low budgets or if you want to eat something fast and they also accept restaurant tickets. Concepción Arenal, 3
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Sausages, hamburgers, steaks, ribs…, a complete variety of products reminiscent of traditional meat and they make products almost 24 hours a day in a workshop they have in Tetuán, and vacuum pack both sausages and meats that can last up to 6 months.
They opened two months ago and the idea came from necessity. With several vegan and celiac members in the family, they had problems to meet in a restaurant where they had food suitable for them and started cooking without gluten and animal products. That’s how the idea of setting up the business came about.
So far, says Elena, one of the founders, the reception has been quite good in the neighborhood, where their products specializing in vegetable meat is having great acceptance. They also sell ice cream, cheese, pasta, cereals, all of vegetable origin.

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As Troy Mcclure from the Simpsons would say: I’m Aida Moratón, you will remember me from episodes like “the best coffee in Madrid, the 6 MUSTS (Vol.1) or 22 gastronomic hints in Madrid markets”. So here I am, again, to bring you a powerful top with the best vegan restaurants in Madrid.
Mad Mad Vegan restaurant is the example that there are no excuses to take the step towards veganism, let’s be honest, many of us have thought of all the things we would miss if we took that step, but Mad Mad Mad Vegan fulminates all our arguments.
Vegan fast food worthy of a feast: dripping burgers, fries with good toppings, finger-licking starters, and a long list of etceteras. Take a look at their Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about, the living example of what I said at the beginning of this post of the best vegan restaurants in Madrid, imagination and good work are allied in this restaurant that has nothing to envy to its carnivorous counterparts. Reservations: 914 442 077.